How mature is your Financial Planning & Analysis process? [eBook]

Jul 4, 2021

Understanding where you are, and where you need to be is a key step in moving towards digital finance transformation.

  • How does your process compare to other organisations?
  • How do you know how mature your process is?
  • And more importantly, how do you evolve your process?
Download the eBook - How mature is your FP&A process?

Now more than ever, finance teams all over the world are frantically re-assessing their Financial Planning and Analysis processes and technologies, specifically their ability to deliver accurate and relevant insight, quickly. They require the ability to adapt and make well-informed, collaborative business decisions – to be able to pivot, scenario plan, and take advantage of changing landscapes and markets quickly and effectively.

Organisations are realising that they can no longer rely on outdated two-dimensional spreadsheets to achieve this. They need tools that support a new way of working. Ones that increase the effectiveness of the finance team by harnessing multiple data streams, encouraging collaboration between teams and delivering accurate information quickly, to allow more time for the team to analyse and derive valuable insight.

Many of us at HAYNE Solutions are qualified Accountants, therefore we understand the Financial Planning and Analysis process (FP&A) first-hand. This experience coupled with our systems expertise puts us in a unique position to help Finance professionals like you, navigate the evolution of your FP&A process.

eBook contents:

  • An overview of FP&A
  • The reality of FP&A in most organisations
  • Where do you place yourself in terms of FP&A maturity?
  • Frequency in which the process is performed
  • Sophistication & Depth of Connectivity
  • The role of technology
  • Benefits of evolving your FP&A process
  • Understanding your maturity

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