IBM Planning Analytics Features DEMO [video]

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IBM Planning Analytics Features DEMO [video]

IBM Planning Analytics is an enterprise financial planning software solution that offers:

  • Enterprise-grade Business Intelligence

Dashboards, scorecards and analytics. Access live data from sources across your business and Integrate your financial plans and operational tactics.

  • Scenario planning for competitiveness

Test business assumptions and possible scenarios, Instantly see financial impacts of potential actions and Synthesize information, infers trends and delivers insights.

  • Real Time, Predictive insights

Forward-looking insights and report key metrics. Software which uncovers predictive insights automatically from your data

  • Flexible planning and analysis

Rapid development and deployment of models without batch processing.

  • Boost Communication, Support Collaboration

Incorporate information into clear, dynamic visualisations

  • Enhance MS Excel

Leverage your business excel skills with full Excel capabilities and retain the familiar Microsoft Excel interface where needed to accelerate adoption.

  • Fast Deployment

Facilitate rapid on-cloud deployment quickly across the organisation.

  • Dynamic Planning

A self-service, interactive work space for all business users

Take a look at the video below to view the features and demo of IBM Planning Analytics


HAYNE is not only a Gold IBM Partner in the UK but we are led by qualified accountants, so we know first hand, the challenges of the finance team. Coupled with our extensive experience of delivering best-in-class Planning Analytics solutions – we are probably best suited to be your go-to expert if you have any questions about this powerful Financial software.

Read more about IBM Planning Analytics, the powerful FPM Solution.

Contact us to arrange a demo or to discuss your needs.

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