HAYNE Case Study: IMI updates its ageing IT infrastructure

Nov 27, 2018

[vc_column_text css=”.vc_custom_1581326239863{margin-top: 20px !important;}”]Global specialist engineering company IMI plc (IMI) came to HAYNE Solutions with the requirement of updating their ageing IT infrastructure to improve performance, saving money and ultimately boosting business.

A project plan was agreed whereby HAYNE Solutions would replace IMI’s ageing infrastructure, improving performance by moving to the Microsoft Azure Network and replacing the server operating systems. HAYNE’s unique mix of IT and accountancy expertise made them the perfect company to take on this challenge. Head of Cloud Infrastructure, Steven Sainsbury, said:

“A lot of companies can help with the server side of things but not the application, we have a unique skill set which means we can do both. What this does for our clients is make the whole process easier, especially if there are issues along the way. Being able to take care of everything means there is one port of call for the client at every step, which really does make things easier and gives total peace of mind. HAYNE is unique as we are solution-focused so can support and maintain the entire solution rather than just focusing on specific areas. The fact that our software and IT expertise is matched by our accountancy experience puts us in the perfect position to advise clients in what their business requires and then ensure the application runs smoothly.”

After initial discussions were conducted and a plan was put in place, HAYNE Solutions welcomed the IMI team to a workshop, where they could see how their new infrastructure would work and discuss any issues face to face.

HAYNE worked quickly to implement the changes, consulting with IMI along the way to get their first impressions on the performance of the new system. The support offer continued throughout the transition process and beyond; a key component of any project that HAYNE undertakes. Issues were dealt with as they came up during the implementation process and staff were on hand to answer questions at any time after the job was done. Mark Stanton said:

“The support offered by HAYNE Solutions throughout the whole process has been exceptional, they were very hands-on in terms of making sure that our staff understood the new system. They have gone above and beyond what is expected in terms of support after the changes have been made, even taking time out to run through everything with new staff who joined us after their initial work was complete.”

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