Latest release IBM Planning Analytics Workspace 2.0.49

Feb 24, 2020

IBM Planning Analytics Workspace (PAW) 2.0.49 was released on 19 February 2020.   Contact us to arrange an upgrade/ install or training.  

IBM Planning Analytics Workspace (PAW) is a web-based interface for IBM Planning Analytics which provides you with exciting ways to plan, create, and analyse your content. IBM has invested heavily in expanding the TM1 interface options with a user-friendly and attractive experience aimed at a wide user community.  Here is a brief summary of the new features in PAW:

1. Hierarchies are now sorted alphabetically

Hierarchies are now sorted alphabetically in the content tree, and in the set editor, so that the order of hierarchies is predictable.

The sort order for hierarchies is determined on the following basis:

  • The default hierarchy (typically, the hierarchy with the same name as the dimension) appears first.
  • The all-leaves hierarchy (typically called Leaves) appears last.
  • All other hierarchies are sorted alphabetically by their caption.

IBM Planning Analytics Worksspace






2. Enable security access for processes

By default, security access is disabled when you create a new process. This means the process cannot modify security data. If you want to allow a process to modify security, you must enable security access for that process.

Note that you must have an Administrator or Modeler role in Planning Analytics Workspace and be a member of either the ADMIN or SecurityAdmin group in TM1 to enable security access.

To enable security access:

On the Script tab of a process, click the Options button, then click Enable security access.

IBM Planning Analytics Workspace









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