Unlocking ‘Business Intelligence’ with IBM Cognos Analytics

Feb 25, 2020

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Enterprises are investing strategically to unlock the business value of their data – where are you on this journey?

The days of delivering tactical Business Intelligence (BI) solutions have gone. The market now is looking for more strategic projects and insight driven Analytics and many tools in the market place can no longer deliver.

According to a recent survey by MIT Sloan, 85% of CIOs view artificial intelligence (AI) as a strategic opportunity.  AI-driven Analytics provide insight, are self-service and enable organisations to achieve transformation.

So what is so different about IBM Cognos Analytics compared to other BI tools?

  1. DASHBOARDS – Well most BI tools can deliver this, it’s expected. However Cognos Analytics delivers data discovery, guided experiences through the use of the built in Personal Assistant, recommended visualisations, AI assistance to guide users to information they were not aware of and the solution analyses the data to spot trends, potential business problems and presents this to the user. The product is also clever enough to build dashboards on-the-fly based on the data presented eliminating the need to have reporting writing skills which opens up the tool to a larger audience within an organisation.
  2. STORY BOARDS – Unique to Cognos, allowing users to tell the story of data discovery findings in a dynamic way (it certainly beats Powerpoint!!)
  3. REPORT AUTHORING – Still here and still required in any BI tool. Professional report authoring, guided authoring experiences, recommended visualisations, on demand menus and subscribed based reporting.
  4. EXPLORATION – To gain value from your data assets Cognos delivers advanced pattern detection to help unearth hidden insights. Predictive capabilities that can highlight relationship strengths and key drivers. And again the AI Assistant to point you in the right direction.
  5. DATA MODELLING – Instantly bring data in from any source with one drag and drop.
  6. MAPPING – Built into the latest version. World class mapping and geospatial capabilities to view certain data in a more robust way. This feature comes free of charge unlike other BI vendors.
  7. COLLABORATION – Built in collaboration utilising Slack. Users can then take their visualisations and dashboards and bring them to Slack so teams can provide feedback directly for more seamless approach to knowledge sharing.
  8. MULTIPLE DEPLOYMENT OPTIONS – The choice is yours. On premise, SaaS, cloud hosted. Many vendors only offer one of these 3 whereas with IBM you choose the best solution to fit your IT strategy.
  9. TRY FOR FREE – Download a free 30 day trial at your leisure and explore what the solution has to offer.
  10. FINANCING – IBM global finance offer customers flexible finance offering so you can spread the cost of the project (including support and services). On certain deals 1 year terms are 0% interest.
Next steps?

Contact us for an informal chat or to arrange a free trial[vc_column width=”2/3″][vc_column width=”1/3″]

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