Top 10 features of CCH Tagetik which make it stand out from the crowd

Feb 26, 2020

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The latest Gartner report positions CCH Tagetik as Leader in the Magic Quadrant for Cloud Financial Close Solutions and as a Visionary for Cloud FP&A Solutions.

HAYNE’s experienced team of CCH Tagetik consultants share with us their top 10 features of CCH Tagetik, leading integrated CPM solution, which make it stand out from the crowd:

  1. Single unified platform
    To replace legacy systems for all CPM/FPM processes, close & consolidation, planning & forecasting (financial, operational, sales, HR etc.), financial reporting, disclosure management and regulatory reporting.
  2. Sophisticated customisable workflows
    To track and manage all processes within Tagetik, providing a full detailed audit trail.
  3. Built in dashboarding and data visualisation
    Capabilities which give you the flexibility to analyse financial and operational data and report the way you want with slice and dice capabilities, supported on mobile devices such as tablets and smart phones.
  4. Continuous investment in Product Development
    Such as AI, ML and predictive analytics and a track record in pre-built, out of the box compliance applications such as IFRS 15, 16, 17 and Solvency II make CCH Tagetik a sound choice when looking to future proof your business.
  5. Extract transform and load granular data
    From multiple sources enabling the ability to drill down and drill through into further detail.
  6. Built in financial intelligence
    Allowing for automation of repeatable tasks e.g. cash flow reporting, planning and forecasting.
  7. Integration with PowerPoint & Word
    Perfect for disclosure management and CoreFiling for i-XBRL generation.
  8. Analytical Information Hub
    Enabling you to create a single repository for operational, compliance and financial data and be ready for predictive analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence.
  9. Excel friendly reports, forms and dashboards
    Designed in Excel so you can leverage their existing knowledge.
  10. Strong relationship with SAP
    Tagetik is the only accredited non-SAP solution which can leverage HANA as the underlying database.

There are loads more reasons why CCH Tagetik is taking the Corporate and Financial Performance management market by storm and we would love to show you.

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