IBM Cognos TM1 documentation is a pain. Business users are always asking for it and developers never have time for it. And, too often documentation is too high level, incomplete or out of date. This is where QUBEdocs comes in.

What is QUBEdocs?

QUBEdocs enhances IBM Cognos TM1 by adding a new dimension of visibility and information governance. It is a proven solution for addressing the everyday challenges of Cognos TM1 analysts and developers. By delivering meaningful documentation of TM1 models, it virtually eliminates many of the time consuming tasks (and overheads) associated with managing and making risk-free changes to TM1 models.

QUBEdocs documents your Cognos TM1 models so you don’t have to. It delivers understanding and insight into your TM1 models and provides centralised, interactive and up-to-date information to help develop, administer and monitor your TM1 models.

Who would benefit from it?

QUBEdocs is suitable for anyone who wants to maximise their investment into IBM Cognos TM1. If you find that too much time is wasted managing and dealing with TM1 documentation and models, then QUBEdocs is a worthwhile investment for you. It will allow you to spend more time on analysing, strategising and providing valuable input into the future of the business.

QUBEdocs Features

Effortless documentation & visibility

Automatically generate complete, as-built documentation for TM1 models as frequently as you like. Connect to underlying source files so your documentation is verifable, accurate and auditable.

Real business value

Increase collaboration between business and technical teams to more efficiently and frequently implement impactful changes or fixes.

Powerful decision making

Interrogate your TM1 model and assess the impact of changes before actually making them.

Know your models

Developers can understand and interrogate their TM1 models and assess the impact of changes before releasing to production.

Empowered users

Business users can finally have access to the same information that technical experts have when interrogating and interpreting their models. Making it less likely to make errors of judgement that result in support cost.

Reduce risk

De-risk your critical TM1 resources by keeping IP in-house and control knowledge management. If a key user leaves, your TM1 models are at risk. Automated documentation ensures you are ready for change.

Our services

We specialise in IBM Cognos TM1 and can implement, train and support you on integrating QUBEdocs into your current or planned IBM Cognos TM1 solution.

We are fully IBM Certified Developers for IBM Cognos Controller, TM1, Disclosure Management and Analytics (Business Intelligence) and we are the UK’s largest and most experienced team delivering integrated Cognos solutions. We don’t just sell the software, we become your partner and provide all the resources required for implementation; project management, consultancy and training.

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