CCH Tagetik’s Workforce Planning software [video]

Oct 22, 2020

Are you looking for a Strategic Workforce Planning  software solution which is integrated into your entire business planning process? CCH Tagetik Corporate Performance management solution, just might be for you.  

Watch the video to understand how, CCH Tagetik, can help you unlock the true potential of strategic workforce planning which will drive business growth in times of turbulence and change. 

CCH Tagetik is a fully integrated Financial & Corporate Performance Management platform. Its innovative technology leverages your existing investments in databases, applications and other technologies, seamlessly fitting into any business or IT environment to provide you with robust financial solutions by technology. 

Key features that make CCH tagetik suitable for Workforce Planning

Align workforce data with all corporate data, plans and processes in one place. CCH Tagetik’s Workforce Planning solution comes with essential functions that you can easily configure to meet your unique needs.

  • Centralised data, workflow and built-in reporting tools
  • Create instant simulations and compare scenarios
  • Dynamically connects plans to workforce goals
  • Align finance, operations and HR with detail-level insights
  • Flexible workflows and the carry out scenario planning
  • Manage transfers, promotions, terminations, etc.
  • Enhanced reporting i.e. dashboards
  • Scalable and secure solution

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Next steps 

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